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Movie Mania Studios


Create your own timeless Lego movies with Movie Mania Studios!

Movie Mania Studios would make a great Lego set because it encourages people to make their own Lego films, has a variety of sets for different locations and has loads of actors, actress and directors, both past and present. This set is very playable because it can be related to by all ages, whether it is the modern digital generation using technology to create their own films or the old picture-theatre generation  recognising past actors and teaching their children about old films.

I built Movie Mania Studios because I love making Lego stop-motion films and watching old movies. It is very disappointing that the Lego Studios line was never continued so I built my own Lego movie studio.

Contains 22 minifigures (refer to images)
Unnamed  minifigures: left to right
Cameraman x2
Camera car driver
Soundman (with microphone on pole)
Actor’s assistant/ dress artist
Fireman/Safety man
Actor (bandit costume)
Actor (adventurer costume)
Actress (Wild West costume)
Actress (fantasy/medieval costume)
Real actors, actresses and directors: left to right
Steven Spielberg
Alfred Hitchcock
Donald Sutherland
Richard Attenborough
Michael Caine
Sean Connery
David Niven
Gregory Peck
Anthony Quinn
Clint Eastwood
Audrey Hepburn
Tom Cruise

Stand-alone camera
Camera on rails (camera can be moved back and forward along tracks)
Camera on camera truck
(Camera truck can be driven around, turn 360 degrees, camera and boom arm can be moved up and down)

Viewing Room
This is where the director/producer can watch a preview of the film and make changes such as `directors cut`
Viewing room includes
 Three seats
A table and chair with letter and stack of film tapes
Walls are decorated with movie titles, newspaper articles and an award to the studio

Storage Area
The storage area is behind the jungle and mountain sets and includes
Ocean set
Extra train track for camera on rails
Cityscape backdrop
Micro vehicles for city scene
Cars x3 (red, blue, green)
Fire Truck
Back entrance gate

There is also a horse, dinosaur x2, seagull x2, light x2, director’s chair and a clock

5 movie sets

460 pieces

The mountain and desert sets are both based on scenes from real movies. See if you can guess what they are……. Hint: think of the actors present…….

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