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Hi everybody, my name's Miha, I'm a long term fan of Western theme and it was also my favorite LEGO edition back in 1996! There is a minor sets of Wild West theme in Lego world and it would be really welcomed to see more of this.

This is my second LEGO "system" (unofficial set), theme: "Western Heroes" that was made by me in LDD. This is completely my origin project.

Lots of features and plenty of playable options in this set. However I will be really happy if this goes in stores.

Set include; 5 minifigures! (3# U.S.cavalry soldiers and 2# outlaw bandits), large 32x32 tan base plate, a horse, 1 sword, 4 revolvers, 5 rifles, 1 dynamite and a lot of other items... It is a really simple and classic designed set, not difficult to put the bricks together, however there was 208 bricks used in this set.


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