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The Speedway

This is a set of LEGO Idea that has a proposal to construct a racetrack (a road track), in fact, a large track - The Speedway - with more than fifteen parts of 32x32 plateaus.

The layout of the runway allows for route changes as well, such as the use of an alternative route, or secret places in the racetrack.

In addition, there is a part of the broken road (at the exit of the bridge, upping the ramp in the original layout of track - see the flow drawing, in the 2nd image), minifigures and pieces with moving and rotating elements.

It is a Lego racetrack, which can be used of many ways, that include (manners of use):
º Lego carts, or
º can be used in robotic scenarios, and
º can be used with the augmented reality of video games,
º Many More: several other options, including being used as a base for your buildings or your city / LEGO village.

This project of set containing:
Ten pieces of 32 x 32 curved base
Seven pieces of 32x32 road plate
More bridge, ramp, start / finish elements
Comes with 3 minifigures, with accessories
Number of bricks: 226