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"Pølsevognen" a Danish hotdog stand

This is a copy of a Danish hotdog stand called a "Pølsevogn".

There is a window on the mainside and two side doors and a canopies which can open and close. The roof top can be removed. Inside there are bottles with ketchup, mustard and remoulade (red, brown and yellow). You also have space for grilling the hotdogs.
In front you have the rod in which the man hold on and control the stand when walking through the city. There is also a brom so he can sweep the ground when it is closing time.
In the back there is a door which can open and close.

I build this because in this year 2020 it is 100 years since the first hotdog stand went on the street. On the 4th of march 1920 Copenhagen approved the first license to sell hot sausages on the street.
Now the "Pølsevogn" is threatened by other types of streetfood such as pizza and burgers. Soon the Danish Pølsevogn might be history.

Lego as a danish brand should therefor of course have such a traditional danish thing as pølsevogn / hotdog stand in their collection. 
The hotdog stand can be a piece on it's own or as a part of Lego City.

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