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The Goldmobile

Hey everyone!

I'm proud to introduce: "The Goldmobile".
At first I thought it was gonna be "the batmobile" - of batman, and that's how I planned and built it.
When I finished building it, I thought it wasn't as beatiful as I imagined it, so I turned it into a regular car. Step by step I changed and changed it until it became a whole new car  : "The Goldmobile".
The name "The Goldmobile" was inspired by "The Batmobile" I first wanted to build, and thats the only remain...

The car:
I began by building the chassis, then gave the form and then I designed the details such as pipes, flashlights, exhaust etc. I decided the details will be golden, so it would be shining above the black elegant color of the car.
The back wheels are larger then the front wheels and also have golden details like rims.
They can each move seperately, like the differential system in real cars.
The hood can be lifted so the engine can be seen.

The driver's cabin:
The doors can open by turning on a hinge, and inside there's a steering wheel, gear stick and the driver's mirror.

It was fun to bulid it, I hope you'll like it and support.

Thank you!

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