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Roadside Recovery Vehicle with Boiler Repair Van


They might be good at mending boilers but now the tables have turned and their very own van has broken down. Time to call out the recovery service. They were soon here and laid out the safety barriers but on this occasion, a roadside repair wasn't possible so a tow back to the garage was needed. 

This two vehicle set includes 2 minifigures and all you will need to recreate the scene. The recovery van features hinged shutters, tool cupboards and drawers, roof lights and horns. It contains 4 small traffic cones, a variety of tools, a hand truck, two spare wheels, a towing chain, 10 barriers and a fuel drum. It also comes with a tow dolly. 

The boiler van has side hinged shutters and contains a folding step ladder, a crate of tools, a reel of piping, 2 gas canisters and 2 fire extinguishers.

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