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Gold Mine Outfitters

When you first enter this mine you see all of the gold just waiting to mined. Lets take a look at our characters I actually came up with names we have Jeff with the T.N.T.and the saw, we have Karel with the sausage pick ax and silver helmet, we have David the leader with the golden helmet and golden ax, and lastly we have Jude with his favorite driller hammer. They are on there quest to fined the three gems. the ruby, the emerald, and the Dimond. 

Along the middle of the mine is a railroad track but your gold on and send it to the Crain to be put on the conveyor belt to set on its way. The set contains 4 mini figures as mentioned earlier and of about 1500-2000 pieces it took me a while but I believe everyone will like this set. The season I built this set is because I found gold in a game one time (Minecraft) and I thought about a gold lego or maybe even a gold mine. So I got to work and made this finished model. The resin I think this would make a great set is because lego mine set are my favorite lego city sets so I think people would like another bigger mine set to.

I ran out of ink when printing the logos for the build so that's why their black and white, also my little brother drew some faces on the pieces so that's why you can see that.

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