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    Spongebob Theme


    Here is the first of several Themes for the Clockwork Aquarium: SpongeBob SquarePants!

    Convert the Clockwork Aquarium to Bikini Bottom with: Spongebob jumping around amidst the Swimming Jellyfish.  Plankton comes along as well as the fabled Crabby Patty he so desperately covets.  Scenic elements include the Chum Bucket, a Pineapple, and the Moai head that Squidward lives in.

    There were countless options and ideas for this theme, so fans of the show could consider featuring Patrick, Mr. Crabs, the Krusty Crab, Gary, and any number of backdrop options.  

    I continue to hope that if Lego picks this set up, that they would make the 1x1 plates with clips and double stud in trans clear so fish, jellyfish, and other items can be attached to the swimming poles with more subtlety.

    Thanks a Thousand and Future Plans


    Thanks so very much for all of the support.  Having gained the favor of 1000 supporters in under six days is quite the honor!

    As there is still a long road ahead, I am continuing to work on the Clockwork Aquarium.  My current ambition is creating additional themes for the aquarium.  The three I am pursuing are:

    • Finding Nemo
    • Spongebob
    • Little Mermaid

    I'm of course open to ideas or suggestions, so if you feel inclined, do feel free to let me know in the comments.

    Once again, thank you for all the termendous support!