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Cirith Ungol


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Now recreate the watch tower of Mordor, and save Frodo from the evil Orcs and Uruk-hai with Samwise the brave.   Sneak past the Watchers at the gate and the fighting Orcs and Uruks, make your way up the winding stairs, and rescue Frodo from the top of the tower.  After rescuing Frodo, put on the Orcs clothes to sneak through Mordor.


Once again I have tried to keep the model set like as possible.

Functions include:

  • opening and closing gate
  • a catapult
  • tower separates from outer wall
  • tower opens for easy play


  • Frodo Baggains
  • Samwise the Brave
  • Mordor Orcs x2
  • Uruk-hai x2

Piece count: 939


Hope you like it and thank you for reading!


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