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The Coral Reef Photographer


Recently, scientist wanted to know more about the pacific giant octopus, Enteroctopus dofleini, so a diver by the name of mr. Mits U. Kurinadae was sent to photograph one. The octopus oblidged, and mr. Kurinadae got his picture...

This set shows the aforementioned scene, with one diver (whose name I got from mitsukurinidae, which is the family that goblin sharks are in), and 1 octopus. Other life forms are 1 fish and 2 starfish, plus various corals. In the first picture, I tried to make it look like another diver had taken it (so therefore bright colors, and slightly pixilated), so I suppose this set could be adapted for an ocean display. This set is also highly detailed and fun to build, which are the reasons I built it.

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