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H.M.S. Ideas

G'day mates, Xman here. This is my newest submission, the H.M.S. Ideas (a tribute to Lego Ideas). Although this may be the newest on Lego Ideas, it has been one of the longest in the making. The goal was originally to make a Lego version of the H.M.S. Victory, the flagship of Admiral Horatio Nelson, hero of Trafalgar. As I did not think the outcome resembled the Victory well enough, I renamed it the H.M.S. Ideas. This would be a great model to bring back Lego Pirates with and could be the flagship of the series.  

This build contains:
78 cannons
10 mini figures
Two anchors
A galley (with food and drinks)
A captains cabin (with a bed, desk, telescope, and sextant)
Three decks
Five masts that can be decked with sails
A brig
3106 pieces

Thank you for your support and double-thanks if you follow me. Best of luck with your own models and pirates forever! 

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