Product Idea

Enchanted Critter Treehouse

Across a magical lake, in a mystical forest stands an enchanted tree house where the woodland critters roam.  With just a short boat trip their human friends come to visit and spend the day playing and enjoying some youthful high jinks.  

My kids are always going on about wanting to build a tree house but living in the city makes that impossible, until I remembered about all their spare Lego.  We built it together with them coming up with the design and me tweaking it and doing the construction.  We added a lot of animals because we like animals and two Minifigures as them too.

There are 7 animals 

1 cat

1 owl

1 colt

1 lion

1 fox 

2 rabbits 

Also 2 Human Minifigures 

I believe this set is good for any child or adult who want to build and play in their very own tree house and enjoy time with some little critters.