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Split House


Split House

It’s summertime at this double sided house in the neighborhood! The house is split down the middle, and rented as two separate houses. It is currently being rented by two teenage boys in college. These characters have different personalities, as you can see from the difference of their homes and clothes. The boy who lives on the tan and maroon side of the house is lazier, wearing sweatshirt and having a TV and pool. The other boy has neater clothes and a bookshelf, giving him a more studious, hardworking character. Both sides of the house are stocked with furniture, overall including a chair, a couch, a lamp, some drawers and countertops, a microwave, a dishwasher/oven (you could pretend it’s either) a TV, 2 beds with dressers and lamps, a shelf with books, and other things. Each side also has 2 floors, with a ladder to get from one the the next. Another thing both sides have is a small bit of yard space, with a patio, grill, and tree on one side and a pool on the other. The two sides share a porch out front, which is based on the porch at my house. All the windows have windowsills with flowers for decoration. Overall, this build was created over the course of 2 or 3 days and uses approximately 550 pieces.

Favorite Parts/Challenges

My favorite part of this was probably either the TV or the patio area. I really like how both of these turned out. The most challenging part was probably fitting everything into the small space, without making it seem to cramped. It worked out though, and turned out really great.

Other Notes

  • I will be holding contests in the comment section of this model, with the prize being a shoutout on a blog page, so stay tuned! :)
  • All pieces in this model do exist in the colors they were used in.
  • Be sure to check out my other creations (particularly my ski lodge) before they run out of time!

Thanks for your support and please spread the word,

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