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The Flying Scotsman


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The Flying Scotsman. 

The two-time world record-breaking Flying Scotsman has finally been created out of LEGO! This particular LEGO model was based on the LNER Class A3 4472 Flying Scotsman model that ran from 1924 to 1948, that was later restored in 1968, 1996 and 2016. The Flying Scotsman was a British passenger locomotive that ran first-ever stop journey from King's Cross to Edinburgh Waverley, a distance of nearly 400 miles in just 8 hours! On November 30th, 1934, the Flying Scotsman became the first ever locomotive to reach 100 miles an hour and thus setting the world record and getting her name in the history books. However, she wasn't done there! She would then go on to set another world record as the longest non-stop journey by a steam locomotive.

The Lego Model.

The base build is a Mini-figure scaled push locomotive that falls in line with the LEGO standard size of trains (6 studs wide), so she can fit in perfectly in your LEGO train layout. The build consists of one steam engine, one tender, and one Mini-Figure. The build is Power functions/ Powered Up compatible with modular components so converting her from push to RC is simple and easy! The set would contain stickers/prints as seen in the images.

Construction details.

The engine:

  • 678 pieces.
  • Widths 7 studs (7.28 cm at her widest).
  • Hight 9.84 cm.
  • Length 32 studs (24.88cm at her longest).
  • Removable Furnace in exchange with LEGO Power Functions M-Motor/ LEGO Powered Up Medium Motor.
  • Engine compartment can fit one mini-figure.

The tender:

  • 222 pieces.
  • Widths 6 studs (7.28 at its widest).
  • Hight 9.84 cm.
  • Length 22 studs (24.88cm at its longest).
  • Removal section in exchange with LEGO Power functions IR Receiver and LEGO power function Battery box/ Powered Up Battery box.

The whole set:

  • Width 7.28 cm.
  • Hight 9.84cm.
  • Length 45.68 cm.
  • 905 pieces.
  • 1 Mini-Figure.


I hope you enjoy this build. Your support would be much appreciated and please share.

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