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Lego City ATM/Bancomat


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First of all, i'm sorry for the missing stickers, the rendering was already heavy, so i had no choice... Maybe in a future update i'll add them and some instructions too!
But let's focus on the set!

About the set:
This set contains 94 bricks.
The size is 7x8, but the baseplate is 6x6.

The story:
Lego City is full of criminals, so we should create a more secure ATM. It should be small, so banks won't waste much space, and should be also aestetichally well-done, so it won't ruin our beautiful city skyline.

On the first time i figured out this model, was for a MOC. Having many of those "small sets" would be useful for big cities builders, and could also save lots of time.

I hope you liked the set, and if you did, please support this idea. Thank you a lot and have a good day!


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