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Imperial Gardens Boulder Bomber


Straight from the Blacksmith's shop down in main street, comes the newest weapon of the imperial age achieving the greatest garden landscape ever!!!

Tired of having to manually move and carry giant boulders every time you landscape your garden?

The new Boulder Bomber is for you!

Originally designed for her Majesty's imperial gardens, the new boulder bomber is now on sale for the general public! This is your chance to own your very own boulder bomber!

Using a combination of metal gears, gold bricks and wood, comes the latest tool for moving large landscaping boulders! Use it to causally grab the nearest boulder , hover into position above your garden and release! its that simple!

The entire machine is eco friendly as it runs on Dihydrogen oxide & heat at 100°C to function properly.

Disclaimer: This product passes all flight regulation standards of the imperial age. Misuse of product can cause you to loose your minifig arm keep away from small minifig children. Try to aim whenever you drop the boulders as you wouldn't want to drop it on top of your lego luxury

Set Includes: 

1x Boulder Bomber Plane - Helicopter thing
1x Flying landscaper
3x Giant Brown Boulders for landscaping 

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