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School Bus

This is a flat front school bus. It is very realistic including, a stop sign, vehicle lights, review mirror, emergency doors, etc. These are only some of the unique and realistic components on the outside of the school bus. The school bus has seats that can allow minifigs to sit on them. The bus also has a drivers seat with a control panels and a steering wheel. Overall it looks great and is a sturdy build. The bus also has wheels that help it move around wherever you make it go. It also comes with a bus stop. The bus stop has two tree's and a bench. The set also features 4 minifigs including a, driver, mom, and two kids.

I made this because I love big vehicles and Lego, especially school buses. So why not just combine them together. I also made it because Lego does not currently have any school bus Lego sets for sale right. I also made it because when they did make school bus Lego sets in the past, they have been unrealistic. This bus solves all of it.

I think it would make a great Lego set because it fills in a gap in the market and it is very realistic. I also think it could have huge potential in Lego city roleplays and environments. All of this makes it a great Lego set to sell.

Keep in mind this set is just a concept, but has huge potential. PLEASE SUPPORT THIS LEGO IDEAS SET. (Made with bricklink studio)

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