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Sleeper Car


The best way to travel? By train of course. Imagine arriving fresh in the morning, having been lulled to sleep by the rythm of the rails, now all ready and with the whole day available to go explore a new town.

This set is to celebrate the sleeper car, sadly a vanishing breed these last decades. Norwegian NSB is holding out though, as is neighboring Swedish SJ and Amtrak on the other side of the pond.

This set, about 626 pieces (give or take a few meters of track), has four sleeper cabins with two beds in each and a toilet at one end of the car. It is shaped with gullwings to allow access, the main doors fold out and align agaist the body of the car. Speaking of which, I'm rather satisfied with the way the car is shaped, a bit of a build challenge there. The set comes complete with conductor and two passengers. It should work both as a display piece and in playable train sets.

I've also uploaded a (earlier) version on LDD gallery for those who want to start building at once. The set featured here on ideas is modified to get a better fit for minifigures.

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