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Ranger 1

This model brings to life the Ranger 1 spaceship that appeared in the 1986 animated series The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers. This large cruiser is typical of the ships that are used to transport the military and VIPs around the galaxy.

I decided to make this set since The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers was my favorite childhood show. I used to build simpler versions of this same ship with my Lego bricks when I was just a kid. The series combines sci-fi stories with traditional wild west themes. At the time it aired, The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers was considered a revolutionary children's show.

I think this would be a great Lego set, designed at minifigure scale and structurally strong, to make it fully playable, the roof of each section is removable, to allow playing inside with the character minifigures which are also included. Thrusters and wings are also removable.

A set I always wanted to have… Hope you enjoy it…

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