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Legend of Zelda - Marin's House


As seen in the pictures above, this is my current rendition of Marin's house from The Legend of Zelda,

Link's Awakening. However, before I beginning with all the descriptions, I would like to say that as time progresses, I hope to improve upon the features that I see as lacking. Proposals and advice are always welcome.

The Idea

To start off with, the actual size of the house has been enlarged, due to the one in the game being too

small to include the desired amount of detail. All of the furnishings in the house are to scale with what is seen when Link is inside. I have done my best to design the furniture and the interior in such a way so it will be easy to move things around, in order to fit one’s liking. As far as I know, I believe that everything outside of the house is in its proper place, maybe some stray grass here and there. In regard to the mini-figures, being as it is that in the game the characters clothing details is rather plain, there was not that much detail I could put, but in my own opinion, I think that I did a decent job. Although, I do regret that there was no way to get a skirt for Marin. This was due to the designing program not having it.  I have also made some of the items from the game. :)

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