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Ghost Train


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Welcome to the Ghost Train!

Take a visit into the old abandoned mansion, whereby you will taken on a journey into the Dragon's Lair, then deep into the Mummies Tomb, and then into the Haunted Forest. If you are feeling brave enough, then this is the LEGO set for you!

What appears to be an old abandoned mansion holds many more secrets inside. On your arrival you may feel that there is someone or something watching you, but from where? You may be correct, check the windows and see. 

There are 3 Skeleton Cars awaiting your arrival to take you through the doors, which conceal the mysteries of the unknown. 

The first area which awaits you is the Dragon's Lair. You will be greeted by a Dragon, with his wings stretched out wide, and his mouth open, you are just inches away from his razor sharp teeth, and seconds away from being his lunch.

If you survive the wrath of the Dragon, your next journey will take you through the spider webs deep into the Mummies Tomb. Rising from their sarcophagus the mummies of ancient Egypt are coming alive are you able to pass them before they reach out and grab you. Watch out for the poisonous spiders and snakes which also await you hidden in the tomb just inches away.

If you manage to escape through the spiders web again you will venture out into the Haunted forest. Legend says that it was once home to an evil highway man and his horse who mysteriously disappeared. Over time the ghost of the highway man and his horse was seen by people who have ended up deep in the forest by accident. So make a quick dash through the forest look for the skull in the vines to make your exit.


The Mansion

The building its self looks gothic, aged, and in slight disrepair with foliage on the front of the building to enhance the 'abandoned' feeling. It has been designed to give the effect of a 2 storey building with loads of room, but behind the scenes its back to basics. This is the same at most theme parks and fairs with the second floor being quite thin and not going back far.


Train Details

The Ghost Train has 3 cars which takes people round on their journey with 2 single seater cars and one two seater car. All have a safety rail fitted that comes down, which is bone shaped to keep people secure in their seats whilst on the ride. The cars are painted red, black and green, and all come with a skull on the front for extra effect.


Control Room

Behind the scenes is where all the computers are hidden away in the control room. There is a door which goes to the front outside of the ride and a door which also gains entry to the inside of the ride through a corridor next to the dragons lair. There is a window at the front, which is allowing customers to pay to go onto the ride and a computer mounted on the wall to process the entry.


Station Section

The station section is open plan to look like a porch section to the mansion with a rustic floor effect and old railings. The station is split into 2 sections by a small wall inside defining the entrance and exit areas meaning that once you have completed the ride you must get off before the wall section.


Front Garden

The front garden section of the mansion has the old abandoned rustic look to match with an empty dead tree stump, over grown bushes, plants and weeds. There are also two old stone paths leading up to the stairs on both sides.


Piece Count

The set contains 2080 pieces and consists of the mansion with all its details and areas inside including the 3 cars, three members of staff (one to take payments, one to give tickets and take payment, one to get people on the ride and one to get people off the ride).

Hope you all enjoy the set! :)



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