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Alpine Chalet and its Thirsty Bear


Hello All,

Welcome to my model of a typical Alpine Chalet, which would make a nice addition to the Lego Creator range, as I believe that a Lego mountain Chalet has only so far been covered by Lego Friends. 

It consists of a ground floor with a one car garage and two floors for living quarters. Above sits the office in a mezzanine accessible by a ladder.

Outside, at the front of the building is located a log water fountain, where a thirsty bear has come to drench his thirst. This has unfortunately scared the land lady  as she was leaving the ground floor to cook a delicious meal. Her son, James, who was about to go and play in the woods has not heard the bear due to his headphones and has to make a swift getaway to avoid been seen by the bear. The father on the other hand does not seem to fazed, as he is seen taking pictures of the thirsty beast. Luckily, James' older brother has spoted the danger and is at the window ready to scare the bear away with his riffle, while Spotty, the family's cat is hiding under the couch.

At the back of the building is a wooden bench, where James' father enjoys reading his book in the shade.

Two large barn doors lead to the one car garage, where the family car can be protected from the elements in the winter.

On the side of the building is stored the family's stock of wood logs for the long cold winter nights.


The model sits on a 32x32 base plate and is approximatively 30cm tall.

LEGO Digital Designer Issue:

Some of the new 2017 parts are not available in LDD. Because of this I had to revert to 'cheating' for the front of the fountain, where I used 1/4 circle tiles instead of  the lego curved tiles.

Interior Design:

Shots of the interior and possibly of the family's car will be available in a future update.


Thank you for taking the time to view my project and if you like it please support and share it through your friends and social media.




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