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The Idea:

The modular buildings series up to now consist merely out of shops, restaurants, apartments and service buildings. All is good, but I felt there also needed to be a supply to  those stores. In order to fill this void, the idea rose to design a factory.

Sure, it had to become a solid display piece with ample room to play out stories, but since there are so many great designs out there the factory needed something I have never seen before in a modular. Something cool and surprising! The key to this revolutionary element was adding function to the building.

From here on the setting was easy. The design should be set in the industrial revolution. Mighty steam engines and machinery from that period all have majestic movements and their cadence is often mesmerizing. Furthermore I absolutely admire the industrial architecture from that period.

Having examined quite a few different machines from the industrial revolution the decision was made to include a power loom next to the mandatory steam engine. So the final design goal was set: A working mill.


The Result:

The mill became a 2 story high building with working internals on the ground floor. I’ve managed to add the steam engine and power loom both with 3 signature movements. Turning the crank on the back sets all 6 movements in motion at the same time. For display purposes you can take out just the front of the building so the mill’s inside is exposed. For play the roof and second floor can be detached as well.


First floor:

Here we find the machinery: The steam engine and power loom. Next to the machines is the overlookers office with a punch clock. At the back of the building is the boiler room where steam is being generated.

A spiral stairs leads up to the walkway.

Second floor:

Since working conditions in the industrial revolution were abysmal, I felt there needed to be done something for the workforce. Although it’s not historically accurate, I’ve added a cantina for the personnel so they at least in this factory can enjoy their breaks with a hot cup of coffee.

Next to the cantina is the secretary’s office with an old typewriter and filing cabinet. Usually the secretary guards the entrance to the entrepreneurs office like an hawk.

At the end of the walkway is the entrepreneurs office. This room is equipped with a desk, bookcase, cabinet and fancy chair for the big chief. On the other side of the desk is a small uncomfortable wooden stool. It usually wasn’t a good sign if one had to sit down on that stool.


Join the revolution!:

If you, like me, want to see manufacturing and functional buildings added to the already impressive line-up be sure to support this idea and tell your friends.

Thank you all in advance for the support.



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