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Remember Being Social!

I wanted to make a large home and fill it with people. And I did just that!

I am unsure how many pieces are in this build. Also can be pairs with the inground pool from a previous build of mine. 

The bottom floor is the the entrance to the house along with a fish tank! There is also a family room, kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen also has a desk with a computer off to the side beside the bathroom. And an area for the pets to eat.

The second floor has the master bedroom and a spare bedroom. Along with a full bathroom and bookshelves in the hallway and a lovely plant stand in front of the balcony door.

The third floor is a game room. Mario on the tv and a game on the computer. The people heading up there are holding microphones for some karaoke! There is also a small bathroom on this floor. The balcony also has a vegetable garden, hanging grapevines and a patio set.

The forth/top floor is a balcony with a barbecue table and hot tub. I was going to put a ‘change room’ on this floor so ‘no water would get in the home’ so decided to make it a bathroom as well.

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