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Its name comes from her creator, an old minifigure with a pretty flower name. Born among the flora she enjoys her life dedicating it to them. Her long white braided hair shows her great experience with nature.

In Gardenia Garden everything is well arranged thanks to the good Ogel and Rose. Two passionate about gardening who accompany the old woman in the care of the garden.

Enjoy a beautiful visit to the Gardenia Garden and recreate stories in her little glasshouse. Unfold its garden elements to increase play possibilities and add a green touch to your LEGO City.

The garden has its own vehicle, a pick-up from the 50s decorated with Gardenia elements where many things fit, such as pots, ladders, sacks of fertilizer, chainsaws and other elements necessary for gardening.

Gardenia is not only a name of a flower or a person but also of a small world of flowers, plants and animals.
I hope you like it and if you have any questions do not hesitate to write me in the comments and I will answer you quickly.

Thank you very much.

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