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Rocket League - Octane

The Octane is not only the first car you will ever drive in Rocket League but is probably also the best! It is used by 70% of professional players, so if you have trouble hitting the ball when you start playing, you can only blame yourself. And I blame myself for missing the ball completely A LOT.

I decided to build a LEGO set based on my experience playing Rocket League. Specifically, the frequent scenario during which I confidently with a full boast soar through the air, only to completely miss the ball.

This Lego set is really tiny, or as I like to call it "desk-shaped", to accompany you during your gaming sessions. The car is only 8 studs wide and 14 studs long, but I tried to make it as close to the original as possible! With only 228 pieces it will be an irresistible impulse-buy for any fan of the game, creating new LEGO fans! Of these pieces, the windows and ball will need to receive stickers or preferably prints.

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