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Compact city car series

日本語で読みたい場合、下にスクロールしてください Fits one minifigure!
For many years I have been trying to replace the general lego Prebuilt base car with a completely self built structure but yet for it to be versatile and to be compact and not Cumbersome which with this this car I think I have finely achieved.

The cars main structure varies little between the different cars in the series and consists of 37 pieces.As a hall with front and back grills, lights, windows, and flat tiles the car as a hall is made up of roughly 54 pieces plus wheels.

Please remember that there are more in the series to vote for!

please support if you wish to see more of my work and
for this to become a buyable lego product!!!

To help this project on its way to success, when supporting please enter large numbers for money you would pay for this as a set and how many sets you would buy.



車主な構造は、シリーズの別の車の間に少し変化し、ホールなどの車は大体54枚プラスホイールで構成されて前面と背面のグリル、照明、窓、フラットタイルで37 pieces.Asホールで構成されています。



As you can see it fits one minifigure.

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