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The Spider Pit


This is my idea showcasing a scene in the Original King Kong (1933) which also happens similarly in the 2005 version of the film. The sailors which are following Kong to rescue Ann encounter the giant ape after trying to cross a large dead tree log over a ravine. Kong picks up the log shaking some of them off in the process and finally tossing down the log. When they get up from the fall after landing on soft mud all sorts of nasty giant spiders and Lizard try to get them.

In the original film the deleted scene consisted of One large hairy spider, a smaller sort of spider with crab claws, a 2 Legged giant Lizard, a four legged giant lizard and some sort of insect tentacled monster.

I have chosen to include the smaller 2 legged lizard, the four legged one and the larger spider for my creation along with Kong of course which is is fairly vital to the set.

For the humans the set includes three sailors, Jack which is seen under Kong in the mini cave and Carl which got caught on a tree/bush which saved him from the Kong attack on the sailors.

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