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Only Fools and Horses - Apartment


Only Fools and Horses is my favorite sitcom of all times.

This set is based on Trotter's apartment.

This set has 1990 pieces including minifigures and their accessories.

No new molded pieces in this set,only new printings.

This apartment has every room like in real TV show.

There are many old stuff in their apartment they want to sell.

Most iconic things from this set are:

-2 TV's that Grandad watches all of the time.

-Old stuff

-Some Money they earned

-Rodney's typing machine

-Many different drinks


-Del's coats in his closet

-Small watch they sold,and the became rich.

This set also includes 3 wheeled Robin Reliant truck

This set has 11 minifigures from 2 generations:

First generation:


Second generation

Cassandra,Rodney,Del-Boy,Raquel,Damian,Uncle Albert

This set has many playable features,and I hope many people will enjoy building it.




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