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The Blue Gentleman

A Blue Canal House for a real Gentleman.
This is not modelled after a existing real life building but my own fantasy.

The building is completely modular and can be connected to the modular LEGO buildings you can buy in the stores.

The size of this model is 24 wide x 32 deep and the building itself is 24 wide x 20 deep. the building is 4 bricks deeper then the standard LEGO modular buildings (like the café corner) but the connection blocks are in the same position so they do connect and the front will line up correct.
Personally I like the entrance in the front, the wall anchors (minifigure ice skates) and the top.
Apart from a staircase, the interior isn't done (yet), when I do I will post additional pictures.

You can also see this project on my website:

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