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Buggy Pull Toy


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Remember when toys used to be simple? No need for batteries! Toddle pull toys were simply crafted out of wood and brought endless hours of pleasure pulling them everywhere the child went.

So LEGO(R) recently made a Duplo(R) Pull Toy that toddlers could build on and pull around with them. Taking it a step higher I created a Duplo(R) Pull Toy that uses elements from the Duplo(R) Early Simple Machines set and a Grow Caterpillar Grow set. Building it offers an opportunity to learn what a gear is and a linkage mechanism which is used for the bug’s legs. The linkage mechanism gives the illusion of a hopping bug, as wells, making a slight clicking sound (kids love noise). Since a spur/tooth gear is used to power the movement of the hind legs, it works best on a rug or cement.

This is fun build for children ages 2-5, with a little help from their parents or an older sibling.

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