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This is a goose-neck slant load horse trailer with a pick up truck to pull it. It started back when I was around 11 years old with a big box of assorted 1990s Lego pieces from my older siblings when my family and I went up to my cottage in Sturgeon bay, Wisconsin.There was nothing really to do up there when the weather was cold or rainy so we had 2 TV channels on a big box TV, a handful of movies we watched so many times I could reenact them, a few easy puzzles, Lincoln logs or play with Legos. I never really got Lego sets for my birthday presents or Christmas presents so the mini figures were very plain. I did have 1 girl mini figure but that was the only interesting thing. My older brother got a few Lego sets, like the forbidden corridor harry potter set, the final challenge harry potter set, the trolls bathroom harry potter set and a few small star wars sets as well. As I got older I did get my first set which was the 3 in 1 creator beach house set, but I lost the instructions and only kept the original build built. The other set I got was the Krusty Crab Sponge bob square pants set but like most of all the sets we had together, they never stayed together for long except for the beach house set. At this time I was in horse back riding lessons and loved horses. I remember going over to my friends house down the street back in Green bay, Wisconsin and would play with his Lego sets. He had a huge collection of the castle sets but what I loved the most was there were Lego horses.I pleaded with my friend to let me have just one horse and finally he gave me one. I felt like I was on top of the world. My childhood wish came true. One summer I was playing with my mini figure girl and Lego horse and thought of making a horse trailer. It started off as a 3 horse slant horse trailer inspired by my horse trainers horse trailer that she had which was a goose-neck 6 horse slant load. Over time it changed by adding more trailer space and more bricks when I bought 2 more horses on E-bay with my parents permission. It finally evolved into the finished project of what I am submitting to you now. I found over the years Lego has never made a goose-neck slant load horse trailer over the years. Yes they made a few horse trailers but none like this which made me feel special that I came up with something a big toy company like Lego hasn't ever released. So when I got word for Lego fans getting to submit their ideas I thought I should share this simple childhood idea with the world. I believe this would make such a great Lego set because this type of model of Lego horse trailer hasn't been done before and I find it would make such a great set that isn't in the Lego Friends category and ore towards the regular City Category.

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