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The Giant Robotic Mech Suits Race

3,2,1 GO! AND THEY'RE OFF, mech suit R26 and B27! but where's the track? well you build it yourself of course!

the radiant recomendable recomendable Rapturous robotic mech suits took me a week to complete

and the magnificent meaningful miraculis mechanical marvelous majestic meaningful with magnitude beyond magic mechs plus the tasteful trees have 799 bricks

these two incredible ingenious innovative insightful nearly but not quite identical mechs are built to be able to hold one pilot in there futuristic cockpits.

plus, this amazing build would make an incredible set, because people can not only build them, but it will take creative and out of the box thinking to create a track to go with thee great sets

i hope you tell your friends and family all about this set

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