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i saw a gap in the current range of lego vehichles so i thought we dont have a canal boat so thats what i have done i made a narrowboat the idea started with a concept in my head. that was to have thewalls built on their sides to get that iconic narrowboat shape. to my suprise with only minimal changes this concept worked and it can be seen in the final MOC. next i had to decide on a scale and that was the most difficult pre-build desiscion. to make this desicion i had to comprimise minifigures do fit in the scale but i have not included any so although minifigures fit on the majority of featuers they dont have to go in it because its a tight fit-just like a real Narrowboat.

now onto the finished model. At 52 centimeters long and 10 centimeters wide weighing 600 grams the narrowboat is a stable brick built model that comes with removable roof, front outside seating, inside seating area, kitchen, bedroom, toilet, skippers cabin and tillers deck at a slightly higher elevation to the front outside seating area just like the real boat. the tiller deck is a complicated build built on sidways and the rest of the build is fairly straightforward. the layout of the interior and colour inspiration comes from a real narrowboat i have been on called the Teo and this was my first inspiration

please support this project to see the vehicle gap filled in your lego collection 

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