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Asterix & Obelix village


Asterix & Obelix is one of the best cartoons ever made,it is for kids and adults since movies are out. In this set we have a lot of minifigures and a lot of features,and a beautiful Gaul village.

We have some awesome brick-build animals like Boar and Obelix's dog - Snupix,and there is also one small duck on lake 

In this set we have small wall to protect the village,and Asterix's house with wooden roof also as Chief's house but not with wooden roof. Chief's house has place where he can wash his feet,and he has bed for him self and his wife. Asterix's house has nice bed also and fireplace. 

There is place outside with bug desk where everyone can drink and eat,and there are also a lot of barrels with wine.

There is small bird house where You can put some minifigures,and we have place for fisherman where e can sell his fresh or not so fresh fish. 

2 chief's guardians can also carry him on his big blue shield.

We have also 3 chickens and one ordinary pig.

There is also one small bride across small lake with well.

Small brick built duck is also on small lake.

Obelix also has a huge rock he always carry around.

This set doesn't have any new molded pieces,just new printing pieces.

Obelix and other big characters are brick-built characters,not with new mold.

This set has 1224 pieces including minifigures and their accessories.

Please support this set and let's make very fat characters to happen in our favorite toy for the first time.


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