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Hardware & Electrical Store (Mark III)

Something that has been missing from Lego city and only ever appeared once in an ideas book, a hardware & electrical store would help complete many city layouts. Some where to buy tools, or a washing machine and TV.

Actual branding is for the purpose of being displayed in a larger layout, but it is the design of the structure, interior layout and accessories that are being posted here on Cuusoo.

This is third redesign of a hardware store, if you noticed any other of my designs I like branding and stickering a few not a lot....but a few items to give the set i.d..

This design uses two tool wheels, two shovels, two pick axes and two brooms.
Stickered tiles represent goods, everything for sealants to tap washers to hinges to lawn mower blades, all typical hardware store fare.

Here we can see the interior, service counter next to some appliances including a TV on a wall bracket, a paint tinting machine, goods handing on the wall and a large highly detailed tool and plumbing display.

Notice how the paint tinting machine is assembled and it actually does spin around like a real one.
The tinting machine uses black tubing cut to size.
SNOT is used on the tinting machine and wall displays.
The blue plate on the floor acts as carpeting while the black and white tiling....well it's floor tiling.

Close up images of two of appliances from the electrical store side of the building.
A blender and front load washing machine.

The salesperson has a custom designed torso.
Another salesperson/yard worker could be included as well as at least one customer, with perhaps a pick up truck out the front.

A set this size could retail for 100 dollars AU and have one mighty DSS (dreaded sticker sheet) but would be needed to i.d. everything and bring life to plain bricks and tiles.

Comments etc., welcome.

Edit - Brickshelf address -
which has all the progress designs and modifications.

Remember Lego City is missing many stores, if you see an idea come up like mine or any one else's please support it.....the only way Lego City will change is if we change it.

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