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Drag Queen on the Red Carpet


Dag Queen on the Red Carpet is a Lego Ideas to create your own drag queen and then rock it on the red carpet.

Go to the dressing room, do your makeup, you have there four lipsticks, several makeup pots and a hairbrush for wigs.

Match a wig with a dress, you have three wigs and three desses, so, match them and make your look be unique.

Now go and rock it on the red carpet, take so many fotos. The photographer is there for it.

Set data

  • The dressing room has the ceilings easily removable and open to a better access.
  • The minifig has two faces, one of a boy e another of a drag queen with a fabulous make-up.
  • The dressing room has a mirror with lights, four lipsticks, seven make-up pots and a hairbrush. It also has three dresses and three wigs.
  • The red carpet local has eight lights, the red carpet and a pannel. The photographer has a câmera to take the pictures.
  • The total of pieces is 333.

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