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The Miller's Bakery - Fully Functional Windmill


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Welcome to the Miller's Bakery - where the bread, buns and sweets smell so delicious that even the clouds look like cinnamon rolls. The heavenly taste of these fine pastries is the result of generations of experience, fresh ingredients and perfect craftsmanship. Come in and you may never leave - for you will desire no other taste again!

The Miller's bakery is a traditional wind mill that has been restored by the owners. They have extended the mill by a small bakery hut where they sell pastries fresh out of the oven. With the combination of old and new architecture, the Miller's bakery's style will work wonderfully with the city theme and modulars, right next to your parisian restaurant. Additionally, it will certainly make for a wonderful addition to your castle themed world or provide splendid pastries to your medieval blacksmith!

It is a 3-story building packed with lovely play features such as
  • a functional grinding and wind mill mechanism that is driven by a small wheel on the right of the set
  • a cereal delivery terminal
  • a functional cereal elevator and
  • a fully rotatable dome on top of the mill.
Both the little bakery hut and the back of the mill are easily detachable to access these features. The model contains all the details required to teach you how the wheat is being separated from the chaff and then being ground into flour. All these play features are, of course, supported by a handful of minifigures, a few smaller animals and a horse-drawn coach/vehicle that helps you transport the cereal from the crop to the mill.

This project has been keeping me busy for about 2 months. It consists of 2998 pieces and is about 44cm tall, 47cm wide and 33cm long.

I hope you enjoy the model and going through the pictures. Feel free to vote for and share this idea to have the Millers bake and eat real buns and breads soon! Your vote means a lot to them - and to me!
Enjoy your delicious pastries!

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