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Hocus Pocus (The Sanderson Sisters Cottage)


in the year 1693 the sanderson sisters terrorized the town of salem by sucking the lives from the children. Now in present day you have the chance to own your very  model of the house from the cult clasaic entertaining people for over two decades.

The set consists of 750-850 pieces featuring 3 levels.    The first floor interior includes various movie refrences including the cash register (from when the house is made into a museum the black flame candle, cage's, and closet with mop broom and vacuum cleaner. The exterior includes watermill wheel and various trees and shrubbery. The second floor has 3 windows mezzanine with clips to hold cage's cauldron and other accessories for the floor below. The third and final level (the roof) has 2 windows stone chimney with smoke coming out and shingled roof with branches and wood print tiles.

The house took about 2 weeks to complete though the main house only took about 2-3 days to build but i kept changing little things and updating the inside and out


resurrect the Sanderson sisters with the black flame candle browse the museum or sneak in via the watermill wheel. This 3 level 800+ piece house is great for fans of the film or Halloween lovers in general.

The minifigures (top right to bottom left)

Max Dennison (Lighter? Does it fit legos standards)

Dani Dennison (Trick or treat bag )

Allison (Salt)

Winifred Sanderson (Broomstick, Potion,)

Sarah Sanderson (Mop)

Mary Sanderson (Vacuum cleaner)

Thackeray Binx (Cat form)

Billy Butcherson? (Maybe)

I have built copies of these characters but if this set is chosen as an official lego set the characters would have new face shirt pants and dress prints 


Rat, Bat, Mop, 3 Broomsticks, (1 brick built) Vacuum,cleaner, 4 Frogs, 2 potion bottles, Spell book, Lighter? Salt, Trick or treat bag, and Jack-o-lantern

Printed pieces. 

2×2 tile with black flame candle display stand, 1×1 cylinder with black flame candle print, 2 2×2 panels with fire place print, (one left one right ) 1×2 tile with envelope; 2×2 slope with Cash register print, 1×3/1×4 pieces with wood print on them, Lighter?, And of course the minifigures (Heads, Shirts, Pants, And dress slope piece, )

Thank you so much for your stopping by please support and comment below your thoughts and opinions.


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