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S.U.V. and Bikes


This is my brand new project for Lego passionate and bike passionate! It’s also my new adaptation of my “S.U.V. and bike lane” idea. What are the differences? Well everything Lego lovers! In fact, the Sport Utility Vehicle (S.U.V.) is brand new with a better design and construction. It can be an S.U.V. to gas or electric, that will depend of the person having it, IF it’s done in a Lego kit, of course. I also took in consideration some comments on the previous idea. For example, my idea now comes with a tree, a bench at the side of the bike lane and a charging station for electric vehicles: we are in 2016, Lego cities need this! My idea comes with 6 minifigures (2 men, 2 women, a little girl and a little boy) and it comes with, of course, a bike lane that is not directly at the side of a road for more security. My design of this “idea set” was in 3 ways: play, expose (in a bike shop for example) and to remember to do little things for our planet (go to work on bike, have an electric or hybrid car, be outside).

Well, that’s about it! Thanks for taking time to look and support my “S.U.V. and bikes” project and you can also see my other projects like Pick-up Truck and Old Car .

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