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Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

The set is a display piece that includes the wardrobe, a stretch of snow with the lamp post, the White Witch's sleigh and Mr Tumnus' mountain house complete with a full interior that is mostly accurate to the movie. Narnia is one of the greatest children's book series' of all time that played a major role in my life growing up and the film series adapted from the books is massively popular. The set includes the four children, Mr Tumnus and the White Witch with each minifigure being equipped with their accessory (White Witch has her wand, Mr Tumnus has his umbrella and parcel, Lucy has her dagger and potion, Susan has her bow and quiver, Edmund has his Turkish delight and Peter has his sword and shield). This would be a great lego set as it is a good display piece for collectors and good for play for younger customers. The set would be targeted at young adults who have fond memories of the series, and younger children who are just beginning their journey into the world of Narnia. The set could be the start of a larger theme with multiple locations open to being transformed into lego sets including the white witch's castle, the stone table and the beaver house. Please support my project and enter the Wardrobe, into Narnia.

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