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Queen - The Miracle Express

Somehow I have to make this final "Brick"thru…. NOW!

First achieving 10,000 Votes back in 2019/2020, supported by Queen Official themselves and having seen the recent success of the amazing LEGO Orient Express, I am pleased to announce my second attempt at making this LEGO set a reality.

We had The Beatles appear in their Yellow Submarine, now it’s time for the greatest rock band Queen to arrive at full steam on the iconic Miracle Express as featured in their music video Breakthru!

Set Features
The set would feature the main locomotive, a GWR 2884 Class 2-8-0 steam locomotive with tender, which would be compatible with Lego motors much like the Emerald Night.
It would also feature the main ‘stage flatbed carriage’ where the band performs during the video, along with flags, sound speakers and Roger Taylor’s drumkit. The train is motorised, as shown in the Brickthru video below!
Also included are 5 minifigures; Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon, Roger Taylor and Debbie Leng as the mysterious masked woman.
 Queen is my all time favourite band and it would be awesome to have them depicted in Lego. With the Miracle Express, we can recapture the band in all their glory, with the added benefit of having another steam locomotive with unique decals added to the Lego City layout. Imagine the band chugging around your tracks with music blaring out as your minifigures watch from the sidelines. 

Please do vote and share this project with your friends and family on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so we can finally get a depiction of Queen in Lego form!

Check out my video featuring the Miracle Express here.

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