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Hans's Bedroom

Hans’s bedroom
Here's a model of a teenager’s room that I took inspiration from my own bedroom. It's a lot of fun to turn your familiar space into Lego bricks.
It contains:
· Three walls of the bedroom (in order to better show the interior space)
· Windows and curtains, bookshelves, and photos on the walls
· My desk and other messy trinkets covering it, my laptop, and a table lamp
· Unmade bed and bunny doll.
· Storage drawers and cabinets
· A hanger full of clothes
· A toy samurai sword was next to the door, and items were hanging behind the door.
· There is an air conditioner above the door.
And some small details:
· The cat jumped on the cabinet.
· A laptop that can be opened and closed
· An air conditioner vane that can be rotated
· Messy quilts fell to the floor.
· The natural shape of two-layer curtains
This set uses light yellow walls and wood color floors, with some bright colors in the middle to show a messy but heartwarming space.
I started the design of this set as a practice, I want to turn the bedroom I've lived in for many years into a set. More importantly, I am about to leave this small room and live independently, and I think this is also a farewell.
I think everyone had a space in their memory, it may be the room they lived in before, or it may be a place with deep memories. I hope this set is touching, and inspires players to build their own bedrooms in memory. The place where they grew up.
I think it's very romantic!
hope you will like it.

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