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Le Mans Race Car


I call this a Le Mans Prototype Race Car, it doesn't have a specific manufacturer's name because it was initially intended to be a casual Batmobile moc, but it turned out looking more like a Le Mans race car, hence the black colour.

This 8-wide car was designed using LDD and it is able to fit a minifigure with helmet in the cockpit. If I have the resources at more Lego stickers / bricks, I would make it in Octan colour scheme, or put some Lego Shell stickers on it.

This is an older generation of Le Mans race car as it isn't equipped with f-duct, which is a structure that stalls the rear wing at high speed.

Although I think this is unlikely to be made a Lego Ideas set as Lego already have this type of race car in Speed Champions & Technic sets, but would like to take this opportunity to share my moc with everyone here :)

Hi-Res pictures :

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Hope you guys like it, thank you!





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