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DHC-6 Twin Otter Seaplane at the Maldives


Better water and more beach details

I've put some more time into the beach scenario. There is now more vegetation and a little wooden dock, just like most Maldives resorts have it.

Also, the water got upgraded to look better. It's now composed of transparent light-blue tiles with underlying other colored plates. The mix of the colors of the plates and the light-blue of the tiles creates the water color that resembles shallow water and deeper water at the edge of the coral reef.

Also, there is now the shadow of a black tip reef shark swimming next to the plane.

I've updated the description text slightly and uploaded the new images.


The Cockpit

After I finally found a way to get the proper printed parts integrated in the project, I've updated some of the renders. They now look the same way, as the built model looks.

Also, I want to share some further details about the cockpit. Here you can see how the cockpit in a real Twin Otter looks and how I tried to get is as good as possible in the small scale. I'm especially happy about the throttle and flap controls that are over/between the pilots heads.

The flight yokes are bucket handles attached to c-clams. Unfortunately I could not find a way to get the yokes connected proper as in the real plane. Every connection with that y-shaped arm became too large to fit the tiny space.

The instruments are realized with a 1x4 printed tile. That is a fairly good representation.

The throttles and flap controls are connected to the ceiling of the plane. In this other comparison, I stripped away the major part of the plane, to get you a better insight into the cockpit.

PS: The pilots flying barefoot or in flip flops makes their jobs one of the coolest on earth!

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