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Loud House Ultimate Treehouse Display model


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- Loud House: Ultimate Treehouse - 
initially launched for testing in philippine app stores when "The mad scientist" aired, (june 5th, 2018) i was later released worldwide on four months later. (september 20th, the same day as when "missed connection" aired) and ended service may 15th of this year.

What this is...
so in order to celebrate the time we in the treehouse, i made this to recollect the four major updates: halloween, christmas, valentine's, and the casagrande chapter.

below that is meant to be lincoln's own little room in the treehouse with the ace of spades hung up on the wall.

Why i built this...
the news i got me worried. everything in the game leading up to the shutdown would be lost in memory forever and people might not remember it at all. so this was made in its honor.

Why i believe in this...
now that nick has given up on support, i believe we can give the deceased app another chance and make a resurgence!

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