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Defense of the Watchtower of Eston


A large host of barbarian soldiers is approaching the large town of Eston. A single guard must use the watch tower to signal the town and warn them so they can prepare to defend themselves. The guard encountered a small problem, however. Two enemy soldiers have broken off from the large host to scout the area, and are coming to take over the watchtower. The guard must signal the town by lighting the fire in the top of the watchtower, but it may already be too late, for now he must defend himself as well. 

The purpose of this set is to get at a style of lego building involving uniform color and design using pillars and arches, while maintaining a stable structure. This is also meant to reinstate some of what I consider "lost art" lego pieces, including the winged helmets and sword sashes. I have actually attempted using the short swords in the sashes before, and they appeared to still fit and work. 

Things included in this project are the Watchtower of Eston, an Eston Guard, and two Wing Clan soldiers. The watchtower is comprised of many arches, pillars, and an enclosed fire at the top of it, with some colored, transparent pieces and a flame. The Eston Guard has a short sword, a sash, and a helmet with a blue mini feather in it. The two Wing Clan soldiers also have two darker short swords, sword sashes, and they have winged helmets.

This project could have involved a few more lego figures, but I didn't include as many to keep the ideal price lower. There are probably some things I could have done better involving the ground pillars, but I wanted to keep it a more uniform theme and color.


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