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Chair Design: Marshmallow - Loving Seat

What does the chair mean to me?
Chair is a wonderful piece of furniture that is indispensable in our daily life. I would say the chair is considered an inanimate object carrying the essence of truth, goodness, friendliness, feeling, love, power, and beauty. 

Do you like this chair design?
I am super excited to share my micro model chair with 187 Lego pieces, named Marshmallow Sofa. It is an icon of mid-modern century design, designed by George Nelson in 1956 who was inspired by the lightweight foam used in airplane interiors which led to his creation of a soft, squishy, and puffy piece of furniture. It formed 18 pieces of circle shapes made with fiberglass shells that were then covered with foam cushions which were filled with polyurethane foam with different colors. I really like this chair design and its style emphasizes matches the blend of art and technology. I believe that it would make a great and fun Lego set in the future and a good object for home decor. If you want to bring this home, let support and share. Thank you to all the supporters! 

Real Chair Dimensions:
Length: 57 inches
Height: 39 inches
Depth: 57 inches

Lego Model Dimensions
Depth: 2.1 inches / 53.34 mm
Width: 4.1 inches / 104.14 mm
Height: 3.2 inches / 81.28 mm

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