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Trailer Park Stake-out


Deep in the middle of nowhere, a pair of villains on the run have taken refuge in a run down trailer park, little do they know they are being watched by special agents nearby. . .

This project is based on an abondoned trailer park but with a story and lots of hidden surprises.

It features (in under 2000 pieces):

-A pair of fugitives and their trailer being used as a hideout.

-A pair of special agents and their high-tech surveillance trailer.

-A rusty vintage truck

-A toilet block containg a secret stash behind the wooden blockade. . .

-A selection of discarded appliances and mattresses

-Many other hidden treats and secrets

The project is very playable and the trailers can be detached from the baseplate and attached to other vehicles, and many of the props around the set are free-standing and can be arranged as you wish, so the set has a lot of options for making it your own and is fun for all ages.

Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions for updates or if you would like to guess what is hidden beneath the dumped mattress. 

Thanks for stopping by!


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