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Santa's Lake House

Santa's Lake House is where Santa and Mrs. Claus spend their "off-season".
Letters from kids all around the world are constantly being delivered.
The elves are already working at some gifts and some maintenance.

Find out more about this build in this video:

The build sits on a 32x34 base. The building is situated at the edge of a lake and is serviced by a little road. This build will allow to play comfortably with the outside of the house, as well as the interiors. This is thanks to the diagonal position of the building and to the removable roof.
The house is fully furnished with living room, bedroom, kitchen and garage. Solar panels are placed on the roof. Winter equipment and tools are available all over the house.

The set comes with one reindeer and six minifigures: three elves, a postman, Mrs. Claus and Santa (with two different outfits).
We can also find three vehicles: the postman scooter, Santa's boat and Santa's Sleigh in the garage.

I hope you will enjoy this build and you will consider supporting it.

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